Who is Mr. Tyler?


from the monstrous mastermind, Tyler Poncho! Journey into the imagination of Tyler Poncho and discover a world of unique creatures and stories.

Tyler is currently living on Earth as a pretend monster who frightens/delights people. He was the Chief Fluff Brains of Tyler Poncho Toys from the time of his birth until he decided he'd rather act in his own animations. Stay tuned for more short films from Mr. Tyler!

A master of monster-made

monsters, Tyler now becomes an actor of puppetry and the moving image in painted form.

Tyler is a debonair monster originally born on Peacock City Planet, he teleported into Kaeti's head years ago and gave her instructions on how to recreate his body and bring his visionary toy business to life. In his true birth he was cut by turtles, sewn by birds, and stuffed by bunnies to form the true sentient being of Tyler Poncho as he exists on Peacock City Planet.

Tyler celebrates his birthday with cake pops of his own head.

Tyler's fellow stuffed friends join in the festivities.

Tyler's life exemplifies the height of extra-dimensional monster fashion.

Sewing creatures diligently.

Driving an automobile.


A new friend.

Peacock City Planet

While the Tyler we know was born from a Rube Goldberg machine of creature creativity, not all of his species are born this way.

Most individuals of the Ponchovian species lay eggs. The eggs are left isolated on a continent or remote planet to hatch. Once born, the youngling must develop its own method of survival. Many become adventurers. Feeling the spark to find others of their kind, they venture forth into the unknown. As they grow, they discover new worlds, traverse new dimensions and become transformed.

As Tyler travels through his dimensions he discovers new worlds and evolves into greater forms.

Tyler's Amalgamated Menagerie

Tyler's home planet, Peacock City Planet, is filled with all sorts of wondrous and unusually formed creatures. Tyler explores his world making and eating friends, and adventuring through the landscapes of his small home planet... until Interstellar Tyler Poncho flies off planet to discover other worlds.

Join Tyler Poncho and his many friends on his adventure to find a new home! Tyler Poncho is the ultimate happy-go-lucky monster, guaranteed to be full of intense love. He comforts with his points, warm fur, and super smiley demeanor. Along his way he meets Chilly Lomedome, who makes flowers appear where he steps, and Gruffy McBearguin. The extreme cold of the antartic caused a genetic mutation amongst the penguin population, and Gruffy was born. At least he has the best mustache on the continent.

The Sinister Circus

As Tyler ventures further into the darkness of of the unknown, he happens upon a place of glowing wonders, a carnival of mutated forms of his home and familiar friends.

Tyler becomes Ringmaster Reginald who introduces himself to his fellows of the circus, dancing brightly through their world of lighted contraptions.

The carnival wonders illuminate this new planet. It is his home world, inverted. From within this altered dimension, what once was now is not, it is a backwards, upside-down, bizarre space in time.

All the carnival citizens construct contraptions, cantankerous calliopes and cunning consorts. Within weeks of his arrival, a new city blooms on the edge of this unstable world. It glows and mutates in its own rhythm, the only marker of passing time.

The Ringmaster has expanded this carnival. The once familiar in its inverted form becomes once again like his home.


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